logo-astroG.G. Donnahue is the author of The Emperor’s Dragon series.

Born and raised in Texas, G.G. was instilled with a deep appreciation for toughness and self-reliance from an early age. Pushing herself throughout school to earn her own way through college, GG won many writing awards and earned a scholarship to the University of Alabama (Roll Tide).

G.G.’s first week in college saw hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, a natural disaster so large it created a blanket of bad weather wide enough to take out all the electricity and a few trees on UA’s campus, 300 miles away. It was during this dark and stormy night that G.G. met her future husband while playing flashlight tag. He had an afro at the time and spent half of the night making fun of Bill Cosby.

The next few years were a blur of studying, fighting to keep her scholarship, and, in her spare time, earning enough money to eat. Then, in her sophomore year, a windfall arrived in the form of a free practice LSAT offered by Kaplan. After signing up on a whim, G.G. was offered a job to teach the LSAT on campus, a part time job that paid $15 an hour.

Two and half years later the economy crashed, the banks got bailed out, Obama was elected, G.G. graduated, and her fiancé enlisted. They headed overseas to Italy where G.G. worked a handful of jobs on the military base, had two baby girls, got banned from the Vatican, snuck onto CERN headquarters, lived in Turkey during the Arab Spring, saw some eyebrow raising events during the Libya crisis and, incidentally, started writing her first novel.

In 2014, the military sent their little family to Florida where G.G. now lives with her husband and daughters, writing, traveling, and teaching writing and philosophy at the local high school. She is currently working on book two in The Emperor’s Dragon trilogy.

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