“We both agree this is the best option,” Taern said.

“Then you’ve both gone insane,” replied the Doctor.

The Doctor

“You going to use the sleeping gas to knock him out?” asked Taern.

“We have sleeping gas?” Stroth asked in confusion.


“The doctor examines all his patients here,” the receptionist replied.

“Right, but,” Stroth struggled to find the words. “We were hoping to meet him at the special place… where no one keeps records?”

Taern slapped himself in the forehead.


“But how did you ever find me?” asked Stroth.

Taern shrugged. “I followed the angry shouting.”


“We can go to your place or mine. But you should know,” Stroth whispered, arching an eyebrow. “Mine’s a space ship.”


“Avarian entertainment is, by definition, a highly expensive, highly exclusive luxury.”

You hear that? Taern thought, looking down at the boy. Apparently, you’re a luxury.


“You’re right. What’s he going to do?” It was at that exact moment all the electronics in the space ship went dark.


“What do you know about the Imperial races?”


Why are they still watching this stupid movie? Ito thought, looking at the wide screen. It’s just a bunch of blinking lights and planets.


Hey, do your turds float?

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