The Emperor’s Dragon: Book One

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Ito was a tough martial artist from the wrong side of the Californian streets. Living with his fiancé, attending college on a full ride, he’d finally managed to break away from his dark past when fate flipped his universe inside out.

Best friends Taern and Stroth have waited over a decade for one great payday. Scouring the unmapped areas of the universe on an ever-constant vigil for the rare and valuable, they hit the jackpot when fate handed them the rarest of the rare: a member of the most sought after species in the universe, a mythical Avarian human. Stealing him away was the obvious choice.

But what happens when Ito figures out he’s millions of miles from home, and decides to show the two “people” upstairs he’s no one’s captive?

The Emperor’s Dragon: Book 1 is a dark, new sci-fi odyssey that begs the question: where is the line between victim and hero?

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The Emperor’s Dragon: Excerpt

Chapter 5

“Split up! We’ll cover more ground!” Stroth said stomping down the hallway.

“And what do I do if I find him?” Taern said lowering his seat to hop down to the ground.

“He’s an Avarian, Taern. Grow a pair.”


Ito watched from the hole in the ceiling as the grate he’d kicked loose hit the ground with a clang. Dropping in his new metal pipe (the one he’d found and freed from the crawlspace in the spaceship) he watched as it clattered down after the grate.

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G.G. Donnahue

Donnahue is a novelist, teacher, wife, and mother. While earning her English and Pre-Law degree at the University of Alabama, she met her husband playing flashlight tag during Katrina. Four years later the economy crashed, her husband enlisted, and they moved to Italy where they had two beautiful daughters, snuck into CERN headquarters and got banned from the Vatican. A rabid fan of both science and literature, in her spare time she likes to read and travel.

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